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Our qualified team provides technical support for every need.

Industrial hydroextractor TDX

Industrial hydroextractor TDX

High speed soft mounted hydroextractor TDX, from 12 to 100 kg load capacity, short cycle time, minimum need of water, energy and detergents, double door safety control, 5 liquid and/or powder soap dispensers, anti-acid viton gasket seal, micro unbalancing spin, strong bearing housing, stainless steel spring kit and shock absorber suspension.

Tumbler dryers TDE

Tumbler dryers TDE

Tumbler dryers TDE from 13 to 200 kg, equipped with increased ventilation, double steam coil, double lint filter, double fan (from < 45 kg), basket rotation reverse, reliable and smart electronic control, humidity control, stainless steel basket, epoxy painting, 24v electrical board, overturnable model (from < 75 kg) also available.

Bagging machines

Bagging machines

Vertical and wall bagging machines: very easy usage and long-term reliability. Instantaneous resistance at closing.

Ironing machines

Ironing machines: warm air, cold air or steam spotting tables; ironing tables, roll ironing machines, manikins.

Ironing machinesIroning tables