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Our qualified team provides technical support for every need.


Dry cleaning & laundry machines, tumbler dryers, ironing machines, bagging machines, industrial distillers

Natural follow-up of TECNOSTIR, TECHNO-DRY SAS offers since 2000 machinery manufacturing for dry cleaners, hotels, hospitals, knitting & shoes factories, tanneries, leather, skin and furs laboratories. Specialised machines for textile treatments, cotton, wool and feather cleaning, garments and leather; wet cleaning, fulling, thermal soaking, textile standardisation, carpet, curtain, bed cover, blanket, linen, stone washing, job clothes, dyeing.

Our machines are entirely Italian-made and manufactured at our head office, based in Santa Margherita d'Adige (PD).

Laudry machineBagging machineSpotting machine

Complete shop setup

Techno-Dry provides a truly TURNKEY service with all-round assistance for a complete shop realisation. We offer design projects, machinery supply and installation along with direct assistance, maintenance and provision of spare parts both in Italy and abroad.

Complete shop setupComplete shop setup